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The AGAS exists as one voice for art galleries to make representations to various government agencies, arts organisations, media, and the general public both at home and abroad. It is the industry body that governs professional and ethical gallery practice in Singapore and serves to increase public awareness of the roles and responsibilities of art dealers. It is the duty of AGAS and its members to promote art appreciation in the community, enhancing the value and understanding of art and culture in Singapore.

President:Khai Hori (Chan+Hori)
Vice-President:Rita Targui (STPI)
Honorary Secretary:Terry Lee (Art Seasons Gallery)
Honorary Treasurer:Rachel Teo (Wetterling Teo Gallery)
Chair, Ethics & Professional Practice Committee:Marie-Pierre Mol (Intersections)
Chair, Membership Committee:Guillaume Levy-Lambert (Art Porters)
Chair, International Relations Committee: Theresia Irma (representing) (Mizuma Gallery)
Chair, Planning and Development Committee: Audrey Yeo (Yeo Workshop)

The Art Galleries Association (Singapore) (AGAS) is the leading national body representing the interests of gallery owners and operators in Singapore.

1996Formed in year 1996, AGAS is a non-profit organisation and a registered association with the Registry of Societies
1996AGAS took part in the Taipei Art Fair, supported and funded by Singapore Trade Development Board
2003AGAS organised a mission visit to Venice Biennale 2003 for its members
2005AGAS organised an exhibition at the MICA Building for its members to celebrate the work of young Singaporean artists
2000-2003The inception of ArtSingapore by AGAS
2004-2010AGAS handed over the running and organising of ArtSingapore to ArtReach while retaining an advisory role for the selection of exhibitors
2007AGAS was a member for the Phase 1 development of the Creative Industries Workforce Skills Qualifications (CI MSTC) managed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA)
2007-2010AGAS organised Art Walk, a collaboration of AGAS members hosting exhibitions at each of their own galleries over a period of 2 days, during which the public and art collectors could visit on scheduled buses on planned routes
2008-2011AGAS was a member of the Arts & Culture Manpower Skills & Training Council, managed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

Galleries which have been in operation for at least 1 year are welcome to submit their application for membership to the secretariat of the Art Galleries Association Singapore. Please download the following application form and send the completed form to [email protected]

Formed in 1996, the Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of member gallery owners and operators (hereinafter referred to as the "Members") in Singapore. As outlined in the AGAS Constitution, its objectives are:

  • To promote a professional and ethical gallery practice;
  • To increase public awareness of the role and responsibilities of reputable art dealers
  • To set and keep the standard for member's operations
  • To promote cooperation between members, artists, and arts organisations
  • To promote the gallery trade in Singapore and abroad, in cooperation with government and statutory bodies
  • To adjudicate disputes involving members

Beyond the minimum standard of conducting their business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations of Singapore and/or the jurisdiction of the Member's incorporation, upon being accepted as a member of AGAS, Members agree to the following ethical and professional practices.

Members shall be recognised by their peers as having a good reputation and for their contributions to the visual arts sector.

When Members enter into a new commercial agreement, all terms should be clearly listed to prevent any form of ambiguity. The terms of the relationship shall preferably be reduced to writing. Consignment contracts should include a fixed period of time.

Artwork sales are evidenced in writing. This includes all terms of the sale and an accurate description of the artwork. A Member's invoice is a warranty that the artwork is an authentic work of the artist named in the invoice. It is also evidence that clear and unencumbered title is passed to the buyer.

Members shall establish when and how artists are to receive payments once they are received.

Members shall mutually agree with the artist on prices for an artwork, as well as the percentage of proceeds to be paid to the Member as compensation. Members shall not undermine the value of the artworks they represent. If alterations in price are to be made, all parties should agree upon a clear policy prior to any transaction.

Members shall act responsibly when handling, storing, displaying and packing artworks, and they must undertake to supply, in their galleries, suitable insurance, display, security, lighting, fire prevention and environmental controls.

In the case of exclusive artist representation, the Member's responsibilities to the artist shall extend beyond selling the artist's works, a full list of which should be agreed upon by both parties. Full representation relationships are generally expected to be long term and require additional obligations of the artist. Members respect the importance of exclusive artist representation and do not actively pursue or undermine established artist relationships maintained by other Members.

Members shall exhibit all artists' work in such a manner that is acceptable to the artist and identification of the artist and of his/her work should take place in a clear and prominent manner or in any other manner which brings the identity of the artist to the attention of the person who acquires the work or a copy of it. Where there is any form of adaptation involved, the original artist or author (as the case may be) must also be correctly and clearly identified. Members should also be aware that the artist has the right to oppose false attribution of the work when such work is exhibited in public.

Members shall under no circumstances make any unauthorised addition, amendment, deletion, alteration or adaptation which amounts to distortion or mutilation of the artist's work, or which is otherwise prejudicial to the honour or reputation of the artist.

Claims that a Member has acted in violation of the above guidelines shall be made in writing to AGAS, which will investigate all such claims. Violation of any standard ethical and professional practices may constitute grounds for censure, suspension or even expulsion from AGAS. Any decision taken by AGAS where this is concerned shall be final and conclusive.

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