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2020-08-22 | 2pm
Art Seasons
50 Genting Lane #03-02 Cideco Industrial Complex. Singapore 349558

In this exhibition, the artists weaved their thoughts, their beliefs and their skills to interact with the current, normal, norms, now. Artists are known to be most resilience when conditions were their worst adversaries, and artists are also at their best when working in new environments and unchartered territories. As Leon Trosky said it, “Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.” Art, as per se, knows no borders; so is Covid-19. The artworks in this exhibition are not just challenging the relevance of the current, normal, norms, now, but to transcend beyond the limits of what are essentials and non-essentials, judging the good and evil, the divides between rich and poor, and the making of heroes and the villains. This exhibition will hopefully resonance the effects of this pandemic and moving forward, new, unexpected benefits and opportunities will appear in the horizons.

Participating Artists:
David Chan, Justin Lee, Kenny Low, Liu Xuanqi, Leo, PHUNK, Yeo Tze Yang, Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Gatot Indrajati, Nano Warsono, Komkrit Tepthian, Min Zaw, Muu Muu, He Jian, Shi Mohan, Choi Xooang,Keiji Ito, dbstr
Event started, ends in 10 days