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BOREDOM THERAPY, a Gatot Indrajati & Nano Warsono
Opening Reception 17 Oct 2020 | 2pm - 6pm
50 Genting Lane. #03-02, Cideco Industrial Complex. Singapore 349558

In Boredom Therapy, both Gatot Indrajati and Nano Warsono want to reflect the world in this troubled time (pandemic), the new normal, from a view from a small place they called home. How to heal ourselves from the fears and worries of our everyday life? How to deal with depressed lives and livelihoods? Gatot and Nano believed that art to us and making art to the artist is one of the solutions to comforts the grim and gloom, to relieve fatigue and that good things still prevailed in our society. Creating creative ideas can adapt to the changing aspects of life, explaining the different perspective of life and shifting phycological burdens into creativities. Hopefully, arts can resonance the effects of this pandemic and moving forward, new, unexpected norms and opportunities will appear in the horizons.

Gatot and Nano are similar yet un-similar. Both loved music and played the electric guitar, and yet Gatot is into Blues, and Nano is Grunge. Both spend hours surfing the internet, and Gatot pursue ideas to create arts, and Nano goes for arts, music, politics and history. Gatot is an introvert who loves gardening, and Nano prefers outdoor activities and visiting historical sites.
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