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The Puppet State by Gatot Indrajati
2014-04-16 to 2014-05-10 | 11am -7pm, Mondays to Saturdays
Art Seasons Gallery
1 Selegie Road, #02-21/24, PoMo, Singapore, 188306

Dolls, Wood and Decorative Aestheticism are three main parts of Gatot's visual works. Through depicting wooden dolls on canvas, Gatot, positions himself as a social antenna, and assumes that the existence of dolls is currently in the top of popularity in Indonesia. In a term related to social universe, a doll is a metaphor for "Someone who becomes a toy for someone else." Gatot views dolls, with their rich and flexibility meaning, as an icon and at the same time a victim in the life of our society. By using woods to form dolls on canvas, it offers dolls another life, since wood itself is considered as a living object with fiber aesthetics, as well as its history and color characters. Through those meticulous paintings, Gatot raised the social issues that clouded the hearts and minds of Indonesian people. He used metaphors to pack those social issues that are often trite and just narrative-journalistic in nature.

Gatot Indrajati (B. 1980) graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Arts, was the winner of Indonesia Art Award (IAA) in 2008, and the winner of UOB Painting of the Year 2011. His works have been exhibited in Singapore, South Korea, Shanghai and Indonesia.