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Ikkan Art Events

teamLab | Impermanent
Tues - Sat, Closed on Public Holidays | 12 - 7 pm
Ikkan Art Gallery
39 Keppel Road, #01-05 Tanjong Pagar Distripark Singapore 089065

Ikkan Art Gallery is pleased to present its third solo exhibition of the Japanese collective, teamLab. Following the success of their entirely immersive sold-out show, Transcending Boundaries, at Pace London, and solo presentation at the 11th edition of Art Dubai earlier this year, the exhibition sees the Southeast Asian premiere of 2 new works by the dynamic group.

"Four Seasons, a 1000 Years, Terraced Rice Fields – Tashibunosho" extends a panoramic view based on Tashibunosho, a landscape virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. Mirroring nature in more ways than one, the work reshapes itself continuously over time in teamLab’s depiction of a harmonious existence between man and the environment.

"Impermanent Life" depicts the cycle of life and death of cherry blossoms. A complex choreography ensues, the languid movement of a central figure juxtaposed with a seemingly ever-changing backdrop of dots metronomically enlarging and shrinking, as petals disperse across the tableau.

teamLab’s latest publication, “teamLab 2001-2016”, which was officially launched at Art Dubai in March this year, will be available for purchase at S$60 during the exhibition.