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Chan + Hori Contemporary Events

Transfusion / Infusion | 灌输 / 浸吸
There is no opening event | Open Tuesday to Sunday | 11am to 7pm
Chan Hampe Galleries
Raffles Hotel Arcade Unit #01-21 | 328 North Bridge Road

Zhou Xiaohu 周啸虎 (b. 1960) was one of the first contemporary artists in China to work experimentally with sculptural ideas of video and animation. With a background in sculpture, oil painting, and graphic design, Zhou's work is a dynamic combination of these mediums, inducing confusion and bafflement, making viewers question the evidence of their senses and their assumptions about "the facts".

Dong Wensheng 董文胜 (b. 1970), a protégé of Zhou Xiaohu, is a photographer and video artist whose conceptual photography uses the natural and architectural elements of Chinese Gardens and other natural landscapes as a stage setting to insert objects the viewer does not expect to see. Framed by background lighting, the artist creates an almost magical space for the viewer to contemplate beauty, intimacy, and mystery and engage in a deeper philosophical consideration of the value of life.

Chen Wei 陈维 (b. 1980), a graduate of the China Academy, produces photographic works that are essentially theatre pieces, shot in carefully constructed sets that resemble rooms. Often, a disaster seems to have taken place: a meteor strike, an avalanche, a failed love affair.