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The Social Realism of Agan Harahap
Tue-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-6 | Tue-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-6
Mizuma Gallery
22 Lock Road Gillman Barracks #01-34, Singapore 108939

Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce The Social Realism of Agan Harahap, a solo exhibition by one of the generation's most prominent contemporary artist, Agan Harahap, or often cited as the ‘master photoshopper’. In this exhibition, Agan presents a series of appropriation of paintings by Indonesian art maestros, such as Hendra Gunawan, S. Sudjojono, Basuki Abdullah, Dullah, and Itji Tarmizi. Mainly from the 1940s to 1960s, these paintings embody the zeitgeist from a time known as the heyday of Social Realism manifesto in Indonesia, and were meant to express the grand narratives of nationalism as well as to represent the social truth of the Indonesian society back then. Agan now ‘borrows’ these paintings to present his own version of Social Realism in the current zeitgeist: a period where religion, politics, class struggles, and consumer culture are all contesting in a culture where fake news, hoax, and media wars have become part of society’s everyday consumption – and art, somehow is still able to play a role in this divisive world we live in today.