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Mizuma Gallery Events

20 April - 13 May 2018 | 11AM - 7PM
Mizuma Gallery
22 Lock Road, #01-34, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108939

What would you do if you were given a second chance? In the case of Pupuk Daru Purnomo, he looked at his paintings from a different point of view, mindset, and awareness, and recreated them by incorporating different technique and colours. This second chance was brought to him through smartphone technology.

Pupuk Daru Purnomo is a painter well-known for his very expressive brushstrokes. Like many of his contemporaries, he would photograph each completed work with his smartphone. However, it was through a photo-editing app that he was able to see his paintings in a different light and discovered a new window of possibilities to re-execute them.

In this exhibition, Pupuk will present 6 pairs of his abstract paintings, each comprises the first attempt and the recreated piece.