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Here, Somewhere, Totally Else
29th November - 13th January 2019 | 2pm - 7pm
Intersections Gallery
34 Kandahar Street - Singapore 198892

Here, Somewhere, Totally Else

Hélène Le Chatelier, Ji Yue Deng

Both Hélène and JY question the relentless and ubiquitous recording on social media.

Nowadays, every situation “here, there, somewhere, elsewhere...can be captured in external digital memory” as highlighted by Hans Ulrich Obrist in "Somewhere, Totally Else". However, such knowledge “lacks emotional elements".

Quite the opposite, Hélène's "Instant Ink" series experiments a fast, not premeditated, way of painting which archives emotional snapshots, while JY’s monoprints and lithographies interrogate the role of memory and the ability of photography to capture our recollections.

By exploring memory, Here, Somewhere, Totally Else also questions the role of the untold, the unsaid, the not represented here or not represented yet, the forgotten and the erased.

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