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In Light of the Ephemeral Silence by Eric Chan
16 September 2016 | 23 October 2016
FOST Gallery
1 Lock road #01-02 Gillman Barracks Singapore 108932

Inspired by elements of Western cinematic traditions, each work in Chan’s new series of paintings is akin to a still frame from a film noir. We are confronted with scenes in tonal palettes of an imposing snow-capped mountain range concealed by blocks of colour, a forest of trees silhouetted in mist, crashing waves veiled by strips of light, amongst other atmospheric scapes. Each painting divulges as much as it obscures, and laden with a teetering expectation of what to expect after the fog clears, but Chan never reveals the next frame. The paintings are mise-en-scène to the vicissitudes of life, but Chan keeps the actors just outside the shot and never presents them.