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Inga Svala Thorsdottir & Wu Shanzhuan 'The Printer. The Paper. The Layer. The Thing's Right(s). The
19 April - 17 May 2014 | Mon - Fri: 10am-7pm. Sat: 9am-6pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
STPI Gallery
Singapore Tyler Print Institute 41 Robertson Quay Singapore 238236

Urinating into Duchamp's Fountain replicas to restore the 'rights' of urinals back to its original purpose, shopping naked in a supermarket for 'forbidden' fruit impersonating Dürer's Adam & Eve, an obsessive pursuit of Mono-Sex Butterfrogs, artic foxes and 'Little Fat Flesh'. Welcome to the bizarre world of Inga Svala Thorsdottir (Iceland) and Wu Shanzhuan (China), a maze of strange ideas and peculiar language that can become powerful concepts to open new attitudes to our accustomed beliefs and relationship with the environment.

During the four-week residency at STPI last year, both artists worked like scientists in a laboratory, investigating how base units such as a line, shape or pattern from which all physical forms in the universe acquire their meaning. This exhibition of over 30 new works, present the artists' evolving humanist ideology in print and paper.

Wu Shanzhuan is one of the leading figures of the 1980's pre-Tiananmen Square generation of Chinese Conceptualists, and Inga Svala Thorsdottir started Thor's Daughter Pulverizing Service in 1993 reducing all things back to its powder form. The duo live and work in Hamburg, Shanghai and Reykjavík.